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Menus: Sally Lunn’s is special

Menus: Sally Lunn’s is special

Our menus require a little explanation….

Sally Lunn’s is open from 10.00 – 21.00 We serve:


Served from 10:00 – no reservations required and never a very long wait as we have tables on three floors. We are busiest between 12.30 and 14.30 and suggest 10.00 is a great time to visit. NB our museum currently closes at 16.00 [usually 18.00]

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Served from 6pm- reservations a good idea

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Served from 5pm – reservations a good idea

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Menu Details

Our DAY MENU enables guests to enjoy our world famous Sally Lunn Bunn either Sweet or Savoury. The bunn is wonderful with both sweet or savoury toppings and additions and comes alive when it is toasted – the flavours and aromas will stay with you for a long time. Perhaps this is why so many bakers have tried to replicate it the world over?

We have no rules – you can enjoy your bun as part of a cream tea in the morning, lunchtime or even in the afternoon! Lunch snacks and hot meals are available any time all day. You can enjoy a bunn with a Full English for breakfast or at tea time, or with smoked salmon as a sandwich for lunch… Take a look at our daytime menu and work out what will be your favourite…

For those guests who are sadly unable to enjoy a Sally Lunn Bunn we have ‘no gluten’ scones and ‘no gluten’ cakes. NB These are recipes without gluten but made in a bakery that uses flour and so cannot be be described as  ‘Gluten Free’ & thus are unsuitable for coeliacs.

Our DINNER and EARLY DINNER menus offer hot Trencher dishes. Traditionally, a type of bread – known as “Trencher”- was used before the invention of plates. Unlike plates (invented around 1500), the Trencher bread gets its flavour from the food and is eaten as part of the meal. The use of Trencher breads remained popular in Georgian England, perhaps the most famous of all being the Sally Lunn Bun, enjoyed at Sally Lunn’s for over 300 years. Our dinner menus are downloadable here.

We have searched our archives…. and now each evening we offer a daily selection of hand raised historic pies – always a choice of two savoury pies of which one is VEGAN [and so delicious that meat eaters regularly order it too].

Bun Etiquette

During the day we serve half a bun unless otherwise stated. You might get a top or a bottom – we tend to use tops for sweet buns and bottoms for the savoury, although there is no rule. If there are two of you, why not ask for a top and a bottom so you get to try both?

The bun is generally eaten with a knife and fork but there are no fixed rules. Most guests enjoy their bun with a huge smile on their face.

The Bun That is not a Bun

We are famous for the Bath delicacy the Sally Lunn Bunn – the original Bath Bunn. A lot of people get confused between the London Bath Bun [small, heavy and sweet] and a Sally Lunn Bunn. You are in the home of the original delicious bunn that has been often copied and attempted in bakeries around the world for over 300 years.

Actually the word ‘bunn’ is an unhelpful description. There is no truly useful common English word to describe a Sally Lunn Bunn as it is part bun, part bread, part cake… A large and generous but very very light bun; a little like brioche/French festival bread….but traditionally it has been called a bun – or bunn – so, even if it isn’t really a bun or a bunn, let’s call it a bunn!

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