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Our telephone number is 01225 461634  or from outside UK it is 00 44 1225 461634, but to save your time and phone bill here are the most common questions we are asked by our customers.

I’ve been recommended to visit, but I’m not sure what Sally Lunn’s is!

Sally Lunn’s is famous for 3 things:

  • Our house is one of the oldest in Bath and a unique reminder of pre Georgian Bath
  • Our Sally Lunn Bun is the original Bath Bun (easily one of the top ten English delicacies)
  • Sally Lunn – the creator of the Bun – is well known historical figure who came to Bath in the 1680’s

Today you can visit the museum (during the day). We also offer morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and candlelit dinner in our historic surroundings. (NB The museum is free for visitors who also take refreshment)

I’ve been told you are always full and it is impossible to get in?

No – not true. We have 3 refreshment rooms – two upstairs. This means we have plenty of tables.

It is never a long wait to be seated.

How long will a visit take?

A visit to our museum can take as little as 5 minutes if you are in a hurry.

Taking refreshment will take a little longer but allow 30 – 45 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner if your timings are tight.

Where are you?

We are right in the centre of Bath – just a few paces from The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Bath Tourist Information centre.

You won’t need a map – just get your self to the middle of Bath and ask a local! If you’d like a map with all the best things to do in Bath on – have a look at our choices here……

If you are planning a trip to Bath – click here

Can I book a table?

Daytime reservations (10.00am [11am Sundays] – 6.00pm)

There is no need to make a booking / reservation for our daytime restaurant. In rare cases or if you, or a member of your party, has a disability or any special needs, please visit our page about reservations.

If you wish to make a group booking please go to our group bookings page

Evening reservations (6.00pm – 10.00pm)

We DO take reservations for our evening restaurant.

If you would like to do so please visit our reservations page – allow at least 24 hours for a confirmation email (although usually you’ll get a reply by return!)

Or telephone us on 01225 461 634 or +44 1225 461 634 from outside of the UK

What is a Sally Lunn Bun?

The Sally Lunn Bun is the Original Bath Bun.

It is a rich round and generous brioche ‘bun’ similar to the historic French festival ‘breads’. You can read more about the differences in Bath Buns here or about the Sally Lunn Bun here

When are you open and closed?

Kitchen Museum:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm.

Sundays 11am – 6pm

Daytime Refreshment

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sundays 11am – 6pm

NB. We have an ALL DAY MENU which means between 10am (11am Sundays) and 6pm we serve anything at any time. If you wish a cream tea for breakfast or hot snack at tea time then this will be fine!

Evening Refreshment by candlelight

Monday – Thursday 5pm – 9.30pm

Fridays and Saturdays 5pm – 10pm

Sundays 5pm – 9pm

It is a special occasion; can we ask a few things?

Every visit to Sally Lunn’s is a special occassion…..

…..but we know some are important to plan.

If you would like to talk to us about an event or special celebration then do please get in touch by using the contact form or by phone on 01225 461634.

Please try not to call us at lunchtime or between 5 and 7 as we will be busy making other guest’s visits special.

We want to meet friends or family at Sally Lunn’s – OK?

Sally Lunn’s is probably one of Bath’s most popular meeting points – it is a great place to meet friends and family and enjoy a special event or just get together for a chat and a world famous bun!

It is worth considering, if you are arranging to meet at Sally Lunn’s, that at busy times we need to ensure all your group is on site before you can be seated.

Help… one of our group has a wheat allergy / needs gluten free

Try as we have…… we have not yet been able to make a Sally Lunn Bun alternative that is  gluten free. The origianl recipe bun is amazing – but our attempts without wheat have been less so!!

We do however have amazing gluten free scones and at least one other gluten free cake which will be delicious!!

We are working on new products [including a fanatastic chocolate  brownie] that are gluten free and with prior warning we can try and ensure that our guests who have issues with wheat or gluten can be accommodated. please contact us using this form to let us know before you come.

Is there disabled access?

Sally Lunn’s is an old building and sadly was not designed for disabled visitors.

However, works undertaken in 1998 have enabled us to ensure some wheelchair access to our ground floor refreshment room. At busy times it is suggested that you call in advance and anything that can be done to facilitate a smooth and simple visit will be done.

Our toilets remain at first floor level and there sadly there is nothing that can be done to improve this.

Our kitchen museum is in our cellar down a dozen or stone steps.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – MasterCard and Visa plus major debit cards. We are sorry but due to the high commisions charged we do NOT accept Amex or Diners.

Do you welcome children?


Is there a dress code?

Not really

Do you have live music?

On special occasions yes – but generally no just delightful background classical music.

How do I contact you?

Sally Lunn’s is proudly owned and run by the Overton family. If there is anything about your visit to Sally Lunn’s that you would like to tell us, we would be most grateful to hear from you – we really do care so welcome feedback.