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Covid Policy & Information



Dear guest.

We would like to welcome you to our restaurant.

In these extraordinary times we have taken every reasonable step we can to ensure the safety and health of you our guests and of course our fantastic team who are looking forward to serving you today.

We would like to draw your attention to the following key information.

General Information

  • Please ensure you utilise our hand sanitising stations at all times. In particular when you arrive, when you depart, when you visit the toilet, and any other time you may contact people not in your group. Please also ensure you wash your hands using soap water and paper towels after using the toilet
  • Please do not engage directly with anyone outside of your group, of course conversation is fine, but keep those distances please.
  • Please follow all distancing markers and indicators.
  • Please do not move tables and chairs from the positions you find them in onarrival
  • If you have children in your group, they must (as hard as it may be) not getdown from your table or move/run around anywhere not in your immediatearea.
  • Please follow all directions provided by our team and avoid touching anythingother than your table, seating and food when served.Enjoying Your Meal
  • Service and initial seating may be slower than usual; this is because of the extra safety steps and checks we have put into place. Please bear with us we are passionate about your safety
  • You will note your table is not setup when you arrive, this follows government advice.
  • You will only be served by one member of our team, please do not ask other members of the team as they will be unable to help
  • Our team member will provide you with all cutlery, glasses, napkins, condiments etc as your meal progresses.
  • If you need anything in addition to what we have provided, please ask your dedicated team member.
  • Your server will use a combination of time and or distancing to reduce any risk of cross COVID contamination, please help them by cooperating as much as you can, even if things are a little strange.


  • Condiments will be served individually by your server, please ask and they will be served to you.
  • If you require salt and pepper, please ask we will not be placing it on the table until asked for by you
  • When paying your bill please where possible use contactless payment and or credit card utilising a handheld card machine.What are we doing behind the scenes?
  • All of our team are monitored for any signs of illness, this includes regular temperature checks daily. If we have any doubts our staff stay at home, and undertake government testing before their return
  • We are also scheduling our team wherever possible to undertake the same rotas to reduce risk of cross infection between our teams.
  • In between each guest arriving and departing our team undertake a full clean and sanitisation of your table and chairs using approved products that are safe in a food environment and are designed to kill viruses.
  • All condiments such as salt and pepper are held in a hygienic location and are thoroughly sanitised between each use.
  • In the kitchen our already high standards have been enhanced. Our chef is personally supervising service at this time.
  • No one is allowed in the kitchen except the chefs further ensuring that any possible contamination risks are managed.
  • Finally, our chef is undertaking further rigorous checks and is introducing additional controls to ensure the safety and quality of our food is beyond reproach.We hope this information is useful, and that you understand what we are doing and whyBon appetiteSigned
  • Simon Lloyd-Williams GM